Celebrate Your Differences

Can Relationships Last When Couples Have Differing Interests


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If you and your partner have differing interests, likely that is going to be something that rises to the surface over time. People, more often notice the interests that they have, are similar and people always think that they are compatible when things are going well. And then, they realise that no one is exactly the same and it may be difficult to continue a relationship with a person who doesn’t have similar interests.


All kinds of things bring people together and it doesn’t necessarily have to be when people have the same interests. Often, opposites attract and people can’t really explain how they actually came together. There is a physical attraction for sure, which is usually the first attraction. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what the other person’s interests are because physical attraction is very strong.


Of course, it really depends as well on how you view relationships. If you are wanting to get into a relationship with someone who you love, then you are going to realise that people are individuals and they don’t like the same things. Who actually has the same interests?


Loving Fun At BeachEveryone has a different personality and no one’s interests are the same. You have to learn about what brings you together as a couple. What do you have in common? In other words, it’s not about what you don’t have in common. You have to continuously seek that same common ground. Otherwise, you’re stuck spinning your wheels in a relationship and not getting anywhere.


When you don’t have the same interests as your partner, you get some alone time. It really is as simple as that. Yes, you want to be around your partner as much as you can be, but you want to also have your time to yourself.


Say that your interest is sports, and your fiancee doesn’t think sports are all that great. That doesn’t mean that she won’t support you. You see, being supportive is the key and you want to make sure that you support your partner, always.


There are going to be times when your interests actually clash and you’re going to have to compromise. You can do your thing and your partner can do his or her thing. You see, the point is that you have to come together and support each other no matter what you do. If you can do that, then the relationship will work.